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1873 Grams imported marijuana seized



  • 1873 Grams imported marijuana seized
  • Consignment was ordered on darknet
  • Chat with the person abroad is done on chatting app, in which chat is automatically deleted after 3 days
  • Payment made in Bitcoin
  • Consignment is worth Rs. 35 lakhs
  • One Oz (28 grams) is worth anywhere between Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 (around 600 dollars per ounce)


          On 08.11.2021, at about 11:15 am, Team IGIS, raided Flat in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi and apprehended 3 persons. 1873 gram fine quality Canadian Ganja (Marijuana) was seized from their possession. The price of seized consignment is approximately Rs. 35 lakhs. The consignment was ordered on darknet and payment was made in Bitcoin. The selling price of the seized consignment is approximately Rs. 40,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- per Oz (28 grams) depending upon the paying capacity of the buyer. In USA it comes for a price of about 600 dollars per ounce. A case, vide FIR No. 217/2021 u/s 20/29 NDPS has been registered at PS. Crime Branch against the accused persons.

          The arrested persons are:
  1. Karan Sajnani R/o Paschim Vihar, Delhi - Age 24 Years
  2. Priyansh R/o Vikaspuri, Delhi - Age-22 Years
  3. Sanjeev Midha R/o Paschim Vihar, Delhi - Age 39 Years

Information, Team and Operation

SI. Arvind of IGIS, Crime Branch, Dwarka, received information about Karan Sajnani and his gang. It was learnt that Karan and his associates were placing orders for Canadian Marijuana on the darknet and were peddling drugs in Delhi.

          A team led by Insp. Data Ram, comprising of SI Arvind Ahlawat, SI Rakesh Kumar, ASI Rajender, ASI Vinod, HC Sandeep, HC Yogesh, Ct Hukam Singh, Ct Hemant Kumar and Ct Radhey Shyam was constituted under close supervision of ACP Arvind Kumar to nab the criminals.

          On 08.11.2021, a raid was conducted in a flat at Shalimar Bagh and Karan, Priyansh and Sanjeev Midha were arrested. Accused Sanjeev Midha, is a registered Bad Character of PS. Paschim Vihar (East), whereas the antecedents of the other 2 persons are being verified.

The story that emerged

          During interrogation, it was found that Karan Sajnani has family business of car sale purchase. Priyansh is his friend. Their common friend Pankaj Davar r/o Madipur was engaged in procuring American marijuana from USA by courier and had been selling it in Delhi for profit. About 4 months ago, Karan and Pankaj Davar procured a consignment of approximately 1.5 Kg, which was sold by Pankaj.

          About 3 months ago, another consignment was procured in the same manner. This time Pankaj Davar cheated Karan and did not share the profit equitably so Karan decided to work without him.

          About 2 months ago, Karan and Priyansh procured a consignment of about a kilo of Marijuana and sold it to Golu and Vicky in Pachim Vihar. A week ago, they ordered the recent consignment, which was intercepted by the Crime Branch.

          Priyansh has family business of tour and travels. Earlier, he used to buy marijuana from an Afghani national, who has now shifted his base to Russia. Priyansh is pursuing B Tech from a reputed Institute of Technology in Rohini.
Karan and Priyansh requested Sanjeev Midha (BC of PS Paschim Vihar) to provide a postal address, where the consignment could be delivered. Sanjeev gave them Amandeep’s (his brother in law) address in Shalimar Bagh. When the consignment arrived, the Crime Branch team was waiting and nabbed the culprits.

Modus Operandi

The chat with the person abroad is done on a special chatting app, in which chat is automatically deleted in 3 days.

The tentative seller is then traced on the darkweb, which opens with a special internet onion browser. This onion browser directs internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network, consisting of more than six thousand relays.
After striking a deal, payment is made in Bitcoin or other acceptable crypto-currency. Priyansh paid for the consignment using his own bitcoin wallet.

The ‘drug’ parcels are routed through an international courier, package delivery and express mail service. The consignments are packed is special airtight sealed packing, which is not easily detected in X-Ray scanner and also not detected in air sampling for drugs.

The consignment is then sold to buyers in Delhi. The main buyers have been identified as Golu and Vicky both r/o Paschim Vihar.

All three accused persons have been taken on 3 days police remand. Further investigation in the case is in progress.