Message from CP

Women safety has always been one of the top priorities of Delhi Police. The nature of women safety related problem have changed with the changing mores and norms in society especially in a overgrowing and over changing metropolitan like Delhi. In past, we have initiated many new measures such as crimes against women (CAW) cell, women help lines, Rape crisis intervention centers (RCICs) etc. for ensuring safety of women and combating crime against women. Law enforcement agencies all over the world are taking problem of violence against women (VAW) very seriously as violence against women is universal. Be it within the confines of home or in the public sphere, violence against women( VAW) has been observed ,documented and tolerated by societies all across the globe. The public protest against this social evil, however is only two decades old. This is not to say that it went utterly un-remarked upon in history. Rather the fact is that the victims have been silent and unheard protestors. Today, the phenomenon is more pronounced than ever before.

It was to provide a safe and violence-free environment to women and children that PARIVARTAN was envisaged. It is a campaign which unleashes the cumulative energies of law enforcement agencies, academics, social workers, NGOs, community, educational institutions and responsible citizens on the perpetrators of violence against women to bring about a cognitive difference in their value system. It is a pioneering effort in the history of Indian Police through which women police officers patrol the beats to combat and prevent crime against members of their own sex. In the last 2 years, Parivartan has conducted various awareness building exercises in the selected 33 beats in the north-west district of Delhi along with the help of some civil society which have given enough confidence to women to report any case of violence against them.

Parivartan has questioned the social acceptability and 'taken for granted' attitude of people about VAW , thereby creating an atmosphere that will welcome a change towards gender equity. Parivartan was conferred Weaber Savey Award (2006) for quality law enforcement by International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Washington DC, USA. It was also highly appreciated by scholars at London School of Economics (LSE), London in 2006 for its focus on both potential victim as well as offender. The programme was also one of the nominees for IBM international Award (2007) innovations in Government by the John F. Kennedy Schoolis Ash Institute of Harvard University. Parivartan has been selected as best practice for eliminating VAW by Women Power Connect under a project sponsored by UNDP and Ministry of Women and Child Development, GOI, New Delhi.

Parivaratan has received ISO certification for the various processes and quality management system is in place. With its success in the initial phase, Parivartan is building a long term partnership with the community and other agencies to bring about a sustained intervention required for meeting its final objective i.e. the safety and dignity of women.

B. K. Gupta IPS

Commissioner of Police, Delhi