The Delhi Police presents its Charter for the citizens of Delhi. It would be of immense help to us if we are informed on the non-compliance of any term of the charter.


The Delhi Police which had been in existence since Mughal period was reconstituted under the Police Act,1861 by the British. The first major re-organisation of this force took place in 1946. On 16th Feb 1948, the Delhi Police was placed under the charge of an IGP exclusively responsible for maintenance of law and order in the city. In 1978 the Delhi Police Act was passed and the Commissioner of Police system was introduced w.e.f. 1.7.1978. Since then, the Commissioner of Police, Delhi has been heading the Delhi Police.


The Headquarters of the Delhi Police is located at Indraprastha Estate, Delhi. There are three Special Commissioners of Police, 17 Joint Commissioners of Police, 7 Addl. Commissioners of Police, 74 Deputy Commissioners of Police and 272 ACsP and a very large number of other police officers/men to assist them.


Any person desirous of having an access to any branch/any person of the branch can do so directly or indirectly in a manner as mentioned below:-

1. Physical access.

2. Correspondence.

3. Telephone.

4. Inter-net and ‘E’Mail.


Any person can have access even to the senior most level by addressing him in writing directly. Copy of such a letter/complaint can be put in the complaint/suggestion boxes placed at every police station and offices of ACsP sub division and other senior officers. Besides, it can also be given by hand and a receipt can be obtained for the same. A Post Box No.171 at GPO, New Delhi has also been earmarked for the same purpose.


Any person who cannot visit the police station in person and who is not in a position to write, can have access to police on telephone. You can contact Police Control Room on Phone No. 100, whenever you need assistance. All the required information about the name, designation, phone No. of the concerned police officers will also be made available.


You are welcome to contact us on the following website


2. www.//


Delhi has been trifurcated in three ranges and further into 10 Districts for the purpose of maintaining law & order. Each range is headed by an officer of the rank of Joint Commissioner of Police and the District is headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police.

There are ten districts in Delhi Police. The overall supervision of the Police Stations/Police posts in the Distt. rests with respective Deputy Commissioners of Police. Prevention, investigation and detection of crime as also maintenance of law &order are the important functions of police. The duty of the Officer Incharge of Police Station is to prevent & detect crime and maintain law & order within his jurisdiction. The Deputy Commissioner of Police of District supervises the sub-divisions, Police Stations/Police Posts under his/her control and is in addition, responsible for:-

1. Registration of FIR/NCR and investigation of the cases, arrest of the accused,     recovery of stolen property, challaning of the cases and prosecution.

2. Depositing unclaimed property under 66 D.P. Act.

3. Recording report regarding missing persons and children and tracing them.

4. Verification of servants/chowkidars and tenants and registration of Security agencies.

5. Granting permission for loud speakers, rallies, political/religious functions.

6. Checking of banks.

7. Providing help to Senior Citizens.

8. Providing documents for filing claim in Motor Accident Claim Tribunal.

9. Providing Guards for the transportation of cash, if required, as per police rules..

10. Public hearing for redressal of grievances.

11. Helping rape victims and other victims of heinous crime. (Rape Crisis Intervention Centre).

12. Implementation of Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

13. Assisting N.G.Os and involving them in community oriented policing.

14. Organising meetings with Residents Welfare Associations/Mercantile Traders Associations to sort out their problems relating to their safety, security and maintenance of peace in their locality. Organization of meetings at P.S. level and Distt. level.

15. Coordination with other units of Delhi Police like Traffic, PCR etc.



a) The power to arrest without a warrant should be exercised only after a reasonable satisfaction is reached, after some investigation, as to the genuineness and bonafides of a complaint and a reasonable belief as to both the person’s complicity as well as the need to effect arrest.

b) Arrest cannot be justified merely on the existence of power, as a matter of law, to arrest without a warrant in a cognizable case.

c) The question whether the power of arrest has been exercised reasonable or not is clearly a justiciable one.

d) Arrest in cognizable cases may be considered justified in one or other of the following circumstances:

(i) The case involves a grave offence like murder, dacoity, robbery, rape etc., and it is necessary to arrest the suspect to prevent him from escaping or evading the process of law.

(ii) The suspect is given to violent behaviour and is likely to commit further offences.

(iii) The suspect requires to be prevented from destroying evidence or interfering with witnesses or warning other suspects who have not yet been arrested.

(iv) The suspect is a habitual offender who unless arrested, is likely to commit similar or further offences.

e). Except in heinous offences, as mentioned above, an arrest must be avoided if a police officer issues notice to the person to attend the police station and not leave the station without permission.

f). The power to arrest must not be exercised where the offences are bailable unless there is a strong apprehension of the suspect absconding.

g). Police officers carrying out an arrest or interrogation should bear clear identification and name tags with designation. The particulars of police personnel carrying out the arrest or interrogation should be recorded simultaneously, in a register kept at the police station.


1. As a rule use of force should be avoided while affecting arrest. However, in case of forcible resistance to arrest minimum force to overcome such resistance may be used. However, care must be taken to ensure that injuries to the person being arrested, visible or otherwise, is avoided.

2 That the police officer carrying out the arrest of the arrestee shall prepare a memo of arrest at the time of arrest and such memo shall be attested by at least one witness, who may be either a member of the family of the arrestee or a respectable person of the locality from where the arrest is made. It shall also be counter signed by the arrestee and shall contain the time and date of arrest.

3 The dignity of the person being arrested should be protected. Public display or parading of the person arrested should not be permitted at any cost.

4 Searches of the person arrested must be done with the due respect to the dignity of the person, without force or aggression and with care for the person’s right to privacy. Searches of women should only be made by other women officers with strict regard to decency.

5 The use of handcuffs or leg chains should be avoided and if at all, it should be resorted to strictly in accordance with the law repeatedly explained.

6 A person who has been arrested or detained and is being held in custody in a police station or interrogation center or other lock-up, shall be entitled to have one friend or relative or other person known to him or having interest in his welfare being informed, as soon as practicable, that he has been arrested and is being detained at the particular place, unless the attesting witness of the memo of arrest is himself such a friend or a relative of the arrestee.

7. The time, place of arrest and venue of custody of an arrestee must be notified by the police where the next friend or relative of the arrestee lives outside the district or town through the Legal Aid Organization in the District and the police station of the area concerned telegraphically within a period of 8 to 12 hours after the arrest.

8. The person arrested must be made aware of this right to have someone informed of his arrest or detention as soon as he is put under arrest or is detained.

9. An entry must be made in the diary at the place of detention regarding the arrest of the person which shall also disclose the name of the next friend of the person who has been informed of the arrest and the names and particulars of the police officials in whose custody the arrestee is.

10. As far as is practicable women police officers should be associated where the person or persons being arrested are women. The arrest of women between sunset and sunrise must be avoided.

11. The arrestee should, where he so requests, be also examined at the time of his arrest and major and minor injuries, if any present on his/her body, must be recorded at that time. The "Inspection Memo" must be signed both by the arrestee and the police officer effecting the arrest and its copy provided to the arrestee.

12. Where children or juveniles are sought to be arrested, no force or beatings should be administrated under any circumstances. Police officers, may for this purpose, associate respectable citizens so that the children or juveniles are not terrorized and minimal coercion is used.

13. Where the arrest is without a warrant, the person arrested has to be immediately informed of the grounds of arrest in a language, which he or she understands. Again, for this purpose, the police, if necessary may take the help of respectable citizens. These grounds must have already been recorded in writing in police records. The person arrested should be shown the written reasons as well and also given a copy on demand.

14. Apart from informing the person arrested of the above rights, the police should also inform him of his right to consult and be defended by a lawyer of his choice. He should also be informed that he is entitled to free legal aid at state expense.

15. When the person arrested is brought to the police station, he should, if he makes a request in this regard, be given prompt medical assistance. He must be informed of his right. Where the police officer finds that the arrested person is in a condition where he is unable to make such request but is in need of medical help, he should promptly arrange for the same. This must also be recorded contemporaneously in a register. The female requesting for medical help should be examined only by a female registered medical practitioner.

16. Information regarding the arrest and the place of detention should be communicated by the police officer effecting the arrest without any delay to the police control room and District/State Headquarters. There must be a monitoring mechanism working round the clock.

17. The information regarding the arrest and the place of custody of the arrestee shall be communicated by the officer causing the arrest to the District Control Room and Police Control Room within 12 hours of effecting the arrest. Further at District/Central Police Control Room it should be displayed on a day to day basis at a conspicuous place on a notice board. Every police station shall also display the details of arrestees at a conspicuous place for the knowledge of the public.

18. As soon as the person is arrested, police officer affecting the arrest shall make a mention of the existence or non-existence of any injury(s) on the person of the arrestee in the register of arrest. If an any injuries are found on person of the arrestee, full description and other particulars as to the manner in which the injuries were caused should be mentioned in the register, which entry shall also be signed by the police officer and the arrestee. At the time of release of the arrestee, a certificate to the above affect under the signature of the police officer shall be issued to the arrestee.

19. If the arrestee has been remanded to police custody under the orders of the court, the arrestee should be subjected to the medical examination by a trained Medical Officer every 48 hours during his detention in custody by a doctor on the panel of approved doctors appointed by Director, Health Services of the concerned State or Union Territory. At the time of his release from the police custody, the arrestee shall be got medically examined and a certificate shall be issued to him stating wherein the factual position of the existence of non-existence of any injuries on his person.

20. Copies of all the documents including the memo of arrest, referred to above, should be sent to the illaqa Magistrate for his record.


(i) The person under arrest must be produced before the appropriate court within 24 hours of the arrest.

(ii) The person arrested should be permitted to meet his lawyer at any time during the interrogation.

(iii) The interrogation should be conducted in a clearly identifiable place, which has been notified for this purpose by the Govt. The place must be accessible and the relatives or friend of the person arrested must be informed of the place of interrogation taking place.

(iv) The methods of interrogation must be consistent with the recognized rights to life, dignity and liberty and right against torture and degrading treatment.


1. To inform the local police about the persons living in the area without any regular means of livelihood and living a lavish life or persons involved in any type of nefarious activities .

2. May inform the local police any suspicious activities which may affect their safety and security.

3. The particulars of the domestic help and the tenants may be sent to the local police for verification to prevent entry of criminals and anti national elements in their houses.

4. To observe Traffic rules, follow the lane system and cooperate with the traffic police for smooth mobility and for avoiding inconvenience to others.

5. Must not touch or lift any suspicious object, but inform PCR.

6. To adopt various home security and vehicle safety measures advised by the local police to prevent thefts and commission of other crimes.

7. To assist local police in all possible manner for prevention and detection of crime and to maintain law and order.


To promote interaction between the Police & the Public, Thana Level & District Level Committees have been constituted in each Police Station and in each district respectively. The Thana Level Committees are being represented by the Area MLAs whereas District Level Committees are being represented by the Member s of Parliament nominated by the L.G. Delhi. Monthly meetings are being held regularly with the representatives of public.


Complaint boxes have been fixed in universities & college campuses. These boxes are opened by the concerned SHOs and complaints so received, are being registered in Daily Diary of the Police Station for taking necessary action.


1. Deputy Commissioners of Police  Daily on all working days.(from 11.00 A.M. to 1 P.M.)
2. S.D.P.Os                           --do--
3. S.H.Os          Daily from 4.00 P.M. to 5 P.M.
4. Addl. DCP/S.D.P.Os/SHOs  

Once a month on Thana Diwas for hearing the public to sort out their grievances.

5. Addl. DCP/SDPOs/SHOs/Addl.SHOs 

Once a month with RWAs/MTAs.

For details of Telephone numbers functioning in the office of Joint Commissioner of Police Ranges, Deputy Commissioners of Police Distts., Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sub-Divisions and Police Stations may please consult Annexure-A.

LICENSING (Telephone No. 26262260 )

The Licensing Branch of Delhi Police is currently functioning from the first floor of the P.S. Defence Colony, New Delhi under the supervision of a Deputy Commissioner of Police. He is responsible for granting licenses/permission for :-

1. Arms and ammunition.

2. Cinema and Video Game Parlour.

3. Eating Houses.

4. Hotels.

5. Fire Crackers.

6. Poisons

7. Sulphur.

8. Swimming Pool.

9. Amusement Activities.

10. Registration of newspapers and Journals.

11. Declaration of Printing Press.

12. Grant of NOC for fresh Petroleum Stations and storage.

CRIME BRANCH (Telephone No. 23490252)

The Crime Wing of Delhi Police is functioning at Police Headquarters Building I.P. Estate, New Delhi under the supervision of a Deputy Commissioner of Police and deals with specialised cases which fall in any of the following categories :-


                          a) Anti Robbery Cell.

b) Anti-Kidnapping Cell.

c) Anti-Homicide Cell.

d) Anti-Auto Theft Squad.

e) Inter-State Cell

f) Special Investigation Team

g) Special Team

h) Bomb Disposal Squad.

i) Dog Squad.

j) Missing Person Squad.


a) Anti-Forgery Section

b) Criminal Breach of  Trust Section

c) Anti-Fraud and Cheating Section

d) Land & Building Racket Section

e) Intellectual Property Rights Section

f) Trade Mark Section

g) Cyber Crime Section


On line search facility of Stolen Vehicle Identification Service has already been provided on the Home Page of Delhi Police Website, under the Icon "Stolen/Unclaimed Vehicle". The user can check the status of stolen/unclaimed vehicle of different parameters viz. "Regn. No. or Engine No. or Chassis Number by using websites mentioned below:-





Through SMS No. "9811599901", general public can make enquiries regarding stolen vehicles unclaimed vehicles on the basis of either Registration Number, Engine Number or Chassis Number. Passport verification status enquiry and Delhi Police telephone Number enquiry from their cellphones :-

The syntax of each Service is as given below :-

Service Name

Message to be entered using cellular phone keypad.

Stolen Vehicle Search

SV<Regn. No. or Engine No. or Chassis No.>
e.g. SV DL9C5005

If match is found, SMS Originator receive a message in the following format:

Status, Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Police Station, FIR Number, Model, Make, Colour.

Unclaimed Vehicle Search

UN<Regn. No. or Engine No. or Chassis No>

E.g. UNDLIrB6543

If match is found SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format.

Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Police Station, FIR Number, Make, Model, Make, Colour.

Passport Verification Status

PV<File Number>

e.g. PV A04684001

If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:

File Number, Status, Name, Father’s Name, Dispatch Number, Dispatch date.

Stolen Fire Arm Search

AR<Fire Arm Number>

If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:

FIR Number, Police Station, Make, Model.

TRAFFIC POLICE (Telephone No. 26198928)

The function of traffic police in the city basically pertains to traffic management, regulation, enforcement of traffic rules & regulations and road safety education to all road users. The Traffic Unit of Delhi Police is functioning under the overall supervision of Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic, assisted by four Deputy Commissioners of Police.

S. No.

Designation of the officer




DCP/Traffic Southern Range

P.S. R.K. Puram



DCP/Traffic Northern Range

Old Police Lines



DCP/Traffic New Delhi Range

P.S. R.K. Puram



DCP/Traffic- VIP

Teen Murti Traffic Lines



The Unit is mainly responsible for :-

1. Providing safe and smooth flow of traffic on Delhi roads.

2. Preventing road accidents.

3. Effective enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.

4. Inculcating a sense of discipline amongst road users and educating the general public including school children,on road safety.

5. Ensure smooth and secure traffic movement for special occasions and VIP movements with minimal inconvenience to public.

Besides regulating traffic the unit is also responsible for :-

1. Rendering assistance to public in various stressful conditions such as prompt first aid to road accident victims.

2. Assisting and advising various agencies in coordinated development of infrastructure for safe and smooth flow of traffic.

3. Protection of environment by taking appropriate steps for prevention of noise and air pollution.

4. Encouraging participation and involvement of public in traffic management and regulation.

5. Arrangements for various functions in the city.

6. Granting of permission for road cutting, road digging, processions and other miscellaneous functions.

7. Website information on traffic related matters.

8. Imparting traffic training in parks to schoolchildren.

9. Promotion of road safety through-mobile exhibition van, painting competitions, skit competitions, essay competitions, debates etc.

10. Granting of N.O.C. for speed breakers.

11. Installation of traffic signals/blinkers/timers.

12. Issue of permissions to commercial vehicles to ply in "No Entry Zones".

13. Issue of N.O.C for ‘No Challan Due’ etc.

14. Notification of Taxi Stands.

15. Smooth functioning of Pre-paid Taxi/TSR booths.

Rights/facilities available to persons violating traffic rules/regulations

a) Compounding the traffic offence at the spot and pay the prescribed compounding amount to a traffic police officer without going to court.


b) Got to court for its disposal/contesting etc.

Documents one should always carry while driving on the road

1. Driving License
2. Certificate of Registration. Photocopy)
3. Certificate of Taxation. Photocopy)
4. Certificate of Insurance. Photocopy)
5. Permit and Fitness Certificate (incase of Commercial Vehicle).
6. Pollution Under Control Certificate.

Ø In case of non-availability of any/all such documents or attested copies thereof, the same can be sent by registered post within 15 days from the date of demand.

Ø Whenever, a police officer has doubt over the authenticity of the documents so produced by the owner/driver/conductor of the vehicle, he has the authority to seize such documents/vehicle and wherever the doubt arises that the driver of the vehicle who is charged with an offence may abscond and may not respond to summons, the police officer has the authority to seize the license and forward the same to the court for taking cognizance.

Facilities available to general public

Ø Traffic Helpline on phone number 23010101 (available round the clock) to lodge any traffic related complaint.

Ø For any traffic related complaint/suggestion e-mails can be sent at

Ø Pre-postage paid traffic complaint card to lodge any traffic violation/suggestion (these are available at all traffic assistance booths).

Ø Traffic Website providing traffic related information at

Ø SMS traffic information dissemination service for traffic diversions, traffic signal failures, congestion on any road, road accidents details, notice details etc. on phone number 9811452220.

Ø Traffic information dissemination is also available on FM Band of the Radio.

Ø Payment of compounding amount for traffic violations received through Notices at DCP/Traffic-Southern Range office, R.K. Puram, DCP/Traffic Northern Range office, Old Police lines and DCP/Traffic-VIP, Teen Murti Poilce Lines, Cheque Depository machines are also installed at these offices, one of which at Teen Murti Traffic Police Lines functions round the clock while the others function during office hours.

Ø Pre-paid Taxi/TSR service available at 28 counters at Railways Stations, Airports, ISBTs and important market/commercial centres.

SPECIAL BRANCH (Telephone No. 23236025)

Besides collection of intelligence, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Branch having office at Delhi Police Bhawan, Asaf Ali Road, is also responsible for following assignments :-

1. Verification of Character and antecedents.

2. Registration of Pak Nationals.

3. Status of Passport Verification :-

Status of passport verifications conducted by Special Branch, Delhi is now available online through application of Short Message Service(SMS). This facility was formally launched by the Delhi Police Commissioner on January 4, 2002. Any Mobile user can now access the Delhi Police SMS Centre at 9811599901, round-the-clock, for automated feedback of status of verification in respect of his passport application. The syntax of this service is as below:-

PV<File Number>e.g. P.V. A04684001

If match is found, SMS Originator will receive a message in the following format:

File Number, Status, Name, Dispatch Number, Dispatch date.

In case match is not found, SMS Originator will receive a message conveying "No information found" or "No data found" for the case.


PV<FILE NUMBER><YY> to 9811599901 from your mobile".

(YY stands for the 2 digits of the year).

DELHI ARMED POLICE (Telephone No. 27137509)

1. Guards for Banks and Post Offices.

2. Recruitment of constables.

You can approach Deputy Commissioner of Police, 2nd Bn. DAP, Delhi having office in Administrative Block of New Police Lines complex for provision of guards for banks and post offices as well as any information with regard to recruitment of Constables in Delhi Police on any working day during working hours from 9.30 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.


If you are desirous of utilizing Delhi Police Band on any occasion, on payment, you can approach the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, 4th Bn.DAP, Delhi at New Police Line complex, Kingsway Camp, Delhi subject to availability of band on the scheduled date.

Police Training College Jharoda also has a band which can be hired for marriages functions etc. Contact Phone No. is 25315823.

POLICE CONTROL ROOM (Telephone No. 100, 23490310 (Fax), 23490311, 23490312)

The Police Control Room of Delhi Police is having a fleet of 338 PCR Vans located at different static points all over the capital besides 129 Omni Motor Cycles for patrolling in crime prone areas. Any person in distress can pass on the information about the commission of crime to Police Control Room on Telephone No.100. The PCR van will take hardly 5 minutes to reach the place of occurrence. They also provide assistance to the passengers of the breakdown vehicles at odd hours and help the stranded passengers to reach their destination. Delhi Police also has a round the clock HELP LINE facility available for women victims at Telephone No. 23317004 & 23411091. This helpline is manned by lady officers. In case counselling/guidance alone is not sufficient, but immediate help to the victim is required, the nearest Police Control Room Gypsy is sent to the residence of the caller/victim and if necessary the victim is taken to the Hospital or necessary police assistance is extended as per the requirement of the situation. The Police Control Room also provides information on stolen vehicle and missing persons.



Taking care of the aspect of ensuring better and humane treatment to the women victims of crime, Delhi Police has created Crime Against Women Cells in each of the 9 Distts. which deal with women related crimes like rape, dowry deaths, harassment on account of dowry demand, molestation, eve teasing etc. In addition to the Distt. Crime Against Women Cell, there is a Central Crime Against Women Cell at Nanak Pura, which is headed by an officer of the rank of Joint Commissioner of Police. All these Crime against Women Cells also provide counseling facility to the women victims whenever they approach any of these cells. These cells also entertain cases relating to obscene posters and pictures.


For various laws enacted for the protection of women to be effectively implemented, it is imperative to have a proper-co-ordination and synchronization of efforts on the part of PCR, Crime Against Women Cell and the local Police. With a view to upgrade and improver the response to women in distress who seek police intervention, a Women Helpline Service has been started with effect from 1.9.2002 in the PCR. To the existing telephone number 100 a toll free number 1091 has also been added. In addition the nos. 23411091 and 23317004 are also available to the women complainants. CAW Cell has also started a Women Police Mobile Team for round the clock response to women helpline cases.

F.R.R.O. (Telephone No. 26711348)

For registration of foreigners and visa extension, F.R.R.O. can be approached, whose office is located in Block VIII, Sector-1, Near Hyat Regency, R.K. Puram New Delhi.

VIGILANCE (Telephone No. 23210011)

For complaints against police officers indulging in acts of corruption, negligence and malpractices, you can approach Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vigilance Branch, having its office at Delhi Police Bhawan, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi. In complaints of serious nature, the enquiries are got conducted through ACsP/Insprs. of Vigilance Branch itself, who after conducting enquiry, submit their report and action is taken as per orders of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vigilance and Joint Commissioner of Police, Vigilance. In case of harassment by any Police Officer, you can ring up phone No.23213355 of the Flying Squad of Vigilance Branch, which functions round the clock and takes immediate necessary action on each call.

                                                                       ANNEXURE 'A'



1 C.P. Delhi

23490201 / 23319961

2 Spl. CP/Admn. 23490202 23490333
3 Spl. CP/Intelligence & Ops 23490203 23352239
4 Spl. CP/Security & AP 23490489 23490204
5 Spl. CP/Vigilance 23490214 23490214
6 Chairman Police Officers Multi State Housing Coop Soc Ltd. 26868430
7 Jt. CP/HQ. 23490219               
8 Jt. CP/SR 23490208 23490400
9 Jt. CP/NDR 23490207 23490346
10 Jt. CP/Crime 23490209 23490209
11 Jt. CP/P&L 23939560 23939800
12 Jt. CP/NR 23490206 23490476
13 Jt. CP/Sec. 23490210 23490418
14 Jt. CP/RPB 23015491 23015517
15 Jt. CP/Ops. 23490212 23490355
16 Jt. CP/Traffic 23490221 23490436
17 Jt. CP/AP. 23490211 23490431
18 Jt. CP/Spl. Cell 23490227 23358965
19 Jt. CP/SB 23236025 23236191
20 Jt. CP/Training 25315162/25315149 25315010/201
21 Jt. CP/Sec. (PM) 26887218 26877806
22 Addl. CP/Riot Cell 26862889             
23 Addl. CP/G.A. 23490220/23490386 23490372
24 Addl. CP/P&L 23942187 23993344
25 Addl. CP/AP 27415566 27436655
26 Addl. CP/Traffic 23490222 23490482
27 Addl. CP/Crime 23490223 23490349
28 Addl. CP/Sec. 24674947 24106378
29 Addl. CP/PHQ 23490226
30 ADDL.. CP/CAW 26882691 26110313
31 ADDL. CP/VIG. 26490226



1. DCP/South Distt. Off. :-  P.S. Hauz Khas 26857726 / 26512986     26858366 (FAX)
E-mail address :
PS Telephone Fax No.
ACP Lajpat Nagar 29835388  
Lajpat Nagar  29838945 26986887
Amar Colony 26412194  
H.N. Din 24359989 ,24355758 24336565
S.N. Puri  26822699,26830750 26830750
N.F. Colony 26934863,26834563     26913112
Lodhi Colony 24620283 24617008
ACP Defence Colony 26258486  
Defence Colony 26253402,26253601 26265804
Kotla M. Pur  24620106 24624825
Badarpur 29894753, 29894754 29891228
ACP Kalkaji 26443492  
Kalkaji 26430607 26239744
Okhla Ind. Area 26816677  
Sarita Vihar 26825553, 26825554 26825554
ACP Hauz Khas 26863842  
Hauz Khas 26867878 26515910
Malviya Nagar 2668024 26680936
Mehrauli  26643200  26646133
ACP Greater Kailash 26463656  
Greater Kailash 29249617  
Chitranjan Park 26271374, 26271587   
Ambedkar Nagar 29052304 290554705
Sangam Vihar 26044188,26044546  
Special Cell 24632121, LC/4618   

Control Room, South Distt. 26528994, 26523967, 26852588/4450

2. DCP, South/West Distt. Off. :- P.S. Vasant Vihar 26152626   26152782(FAX)
E-mail address :
PS Telephone Fax No.
Vasant Kunj 26892530, 26123990   
R.K. Puram  26185222, 26186963  
Sarojini Nagar  26882346, 24671281  
ACP Vasant Vihar 26188688  
Vasant Vihar 26152517, 26152699 26152699
ACP Delhi Cantt 25692377  
Delhi Cantt  25693161, 25694444  
ACP Naraina 25893971  
Naraina 25892010, 25891181  
Inderpuri 25849393, 25842476  
Mayapuri 28117644, 28116097 28113642
ACP Nazafgarh  25016100  
Nazafgarh 25016200, 25016500  
Jafarpur Kalan  28019857, 28016827 28019474
Dabri 25555178, 25506350  
Kapashera  25066105, 25063758  
Dwarka   28051585, 28051584  

Control Room, South-West Distt. 26152709, 26152810/7222

3. DCP, West/Distt. Off. :- P.S. Rajouri Garden   25453992,25166508   25926101-4222(FAX)
E-mail address :
PS Telephone Fax No.
ACP Tilak Nagar 25407901  
Tilak Nagar 25407800,25409290   
Janak Puri 25553166  25527736
Vikas Puri 25592600, 25551213 25549055
Uttam Nagar 25561728   
ACP Patel Nagar 25873400  
Patel Nagar 25872637  
Anand Parvat  28764807  
Moti Nagar 25101150, 25938880   
Hari Nagar 25522719, 28522838  
Kirti Nagar 25438719 25190462
ACP Punjabi Bagh 25225615   
Punjabi Bagh 25224162, 25225616  
Paschim Vihar 25267286  
ACP Rajouri Garden 25446901  
Rajouri Garden 25453990 25166508
Binda Pur 25636362  

Control Room, West Distt. 25441909,  25934545


1. DCP/North Distt. Off. :- P.S. Civil Lines 23817012 , 23962201/6401    23811770 (FAX)
E-mail address :
PS Telephone Fax No. 
ACP Civil Lines 23810113  
Civil Lines 23815444 / 23814583 23814583
Timar Pur  23953442/23921740 23921740
Maurice Nagar 27666332, 27662638 27662638
Roop Nagar  23844632, 23849120 23849120
Partap Nagar 23651692   
ACP Subzi Mandi  23828880  
Subzi Mandi 23823161/23827354 23823161
Gulabi Bagh 23651692/23651917 23651917
Sarai Rohilla 23691106, 23593611 23691335
Kashmere Gate 23967889, 23968730 23967889
ACP Sadar Bazar 23512410  
Sadar Bazar 23512411, 23512412  23822775
Bara Hindu Rao 23529707/23528060 23554453
Lahori Gate 23953776, 23958234 23925900
ACP Kotwali 23263022  
Kotwali  23277918, 23276666 23276666
Chandni Chowk 23921740  

Control Room, North Distt. 23918584, 23918614, 23962201/6450

2. DCP/Central Distt. Off.:-  P.S. Darya Ganj  23261377    23261330(FAX)
E-mail address :
PS Telephone Fax No.
ACP Darya Ganj  23268182  
Darya Ganj  23279331  23263240
Chandni Mahal   23279338 23271751
Jama Masjid  23269777, 23261625 23262574
ACP Kamla Market 23231578  
Kamla Market 23230623, 23233743 23231007
Hauz Qazi  23210414, 23212482 23215440
I.P. Estate 23378474 23378387
ACP Pahar Ganj 23553550  
Pahar Ganj 23524746, 23520787 23526671
Nabi Karim  23531734 23621045
D.B.G. Road  23613252 23619311
ACP Karol Bagh 25733594  
Karol Bagh  25726870  25861000
Parsad Nagar 25751048, 25725652 25749171
Rajender Nagar 28742712, 28744012 28744057

Control Room, Central Distt. 23270000, 23286848, 25737951/6517

3. DCP/N.W. Distt. Off.:- P.S. Ashok Vihar   27229835   27462222(FAX)
E-mail address :   
PS Telephone Fax No.
ACP Ashok Vihar 27198783  
Ashok Vihar 27242917, 27243066 27458889
Keshav Puram  27181325, 27156090 27185050
Saraswati Vihar 27353014,27356336 27354520
ACP Model Town 27459201  
Model Town  27459202/27456074 27461963
Adarsh Nagar  27462452/27412254 27412254
Mukherjee Nagar 27231131, 27231132 27461925
Shalimar Bagh  27495198, 27497179  
Jahangir Puri  27631600/27636000 27636014
Prashant Vihar  27561877, 27557184 27550522

Control Room, North-West Distt. 27229834, 27234646/5750

4. DCP/Outer Delhi Distt. Off.:- PP Dost    27034873, 27034874  
PS Telephone Fax No.
Ali Pur 27202290/27202265 27708515
Swarup Nagar 27811416  
Aman Vihar 25961600,25961500  
Kanjhawla 25952485,25951486 25951634
Bawana 27752534/27756090 27756090
Mangol Puri 27921168,27922186 27925427
ACP Rohini 27492157  
Rohini 27510515,27516516 27514282
ACP Narela 27202248  
Narela 27282350,27280435 27285739
Nangloi 25472225  
Samai Pur Badli 27854799,27854757 27899222
ACP Sultan Puri 25475745  
Sultan Puri 25472166,25472410 25181975

Control Room, Outer Delhi Distt.


1. DCP/New Delhi Distt. Off.:- P.S. Parliament Street 23747777

    E-mail address :

    Fax Number :    23347184

PS Telephone Fax No.
ACP Parliament Street 23744100  
Parliament Street  23361231/3481, 23342700  
Mandir Marg  23364100  
ACP Connaught Place 23386100  
Connaught Place 23747100  
Tilak Marg  23385571  
ACP Chankya Puri 23793100  
Chanakya Puri  23011100   
Tughlak Road 23012100  

Control Room, New Delhi Distt. 23362229, 23361231/3456

2. DCP/East Distt. Off.:-Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara  22308568

    E-mail address :

    Fax Number :    22305577

PS Telephone Fax No.
ACP Gandhi Nagar 22513088  
Gandhi Nagar 22072761, 22082235 22077385
Geeta Colony  22508164,22506665 22456564
Krishna Nagar 22093224, 22093887 22002959
ACP Vivek Vihar  22154102  
Vivek Vihar  22146040,22150370 22146101
Anand Vihar 22140181, 22155216  22146106
Farash Bazar 22303600, 22385817 22305868
ACP Preet Vihar 22524433  
Preet Vihar 22509966, 22510291  20013655
Shakarpur 22542992, 22542441 22012444
ACP Kalyan Puri 22777512  
Kalyan Puri  22772287,22772251 22772251
Mayur Vihar 22720606, 22720607 22750805
Pandav Nagar  22753997, 22753317  22792088
New Ashok Nagar 22618936,22715352 22715080
Mandawali 22720808, 22720809 22720030

Control Room, East Distt. 22393494 , 22304164

3. DCP/North-East Distt. Off.:-Seelam Pur 22825655,22826937

    E-mail address :

    Fax Number :    22826937

PS Telephone Fax No.
ACP Seelam Pur 22560742  
Seelam Pur 22562989, 22562035 22180080
New Usman Pur 22172410,22175468 22180004
Khajuri Khas 22172735,22966851 22965735s
Gokal Puri 22562112,22561215 22854687
Bhajan Pura 22560741,22561071 22195756
ACP Shahadra 22324233  
Shahdara 22322087, 22322087 22321100
M.S. Park  22580947,22580946 22137444
Welcome  22822746, 22826808 22826006
ACP Seema Puri 22580948  
Seema Puri  22351978,22354155 22352549
Nand Nagri   22583307, 22585985 22137761
Dilshad Garden  22580274, 22583551 22137660

 Control Room, North-East Distt. 22823139, 22825311, 22284425/6150

1. DCP/IGI Airport Off.:- Domestic Airport 25675373, 25684600/7601

    E-mail address :

    Fax Number :    25675373

PS Telephone
ACP Palam Airport 25674416
IGI Airport-I Palam 25675291
IGI Airport-II NITC  25652325, 
Mahipal Pur 25654217

(NITC) Control Room/Dom. 25675289, 25675126/2221

Control Room/IGI Airport/NITC 25652449, 25652011/2121

2. DCP/Metro Station 

PS Telephone
K.Gate 23923015, 23923016
Rithala 27058382, 27058384
Shastri Park 22173623, 22173424

3. DCP/C&R Off.:- I.P. Estate 23490252 

    E-mail address :

    Fax Number    :    23490340

PS Telephone Fax
ACP/Rlys. Delhi Main Railway Station 23994004  
Delhi Main  Rly. Station 23980685  
N.D. Rly Station  23744073,    
Sarai Rohilla 28714802  
Hazrat Nizamuddin  24358593 24358593

 Control Room/Crime & Rlys. 23317626, 23490010/4324

4. DCP/Police Control Room Off:- 23490251 PHQ

    I.P. Estate, New Delhi.       23490205

    E-mail address :

    Fax Number :    23314616

ACP/Command Room 23490311 , 23490312
Women Helpline 23317004 (1091), 23317003, 23491091, 23317002

SHO Narcotics 28041888, 28041889.

SHO Anti Corruption 23890006, 23890018, 23890110


Police Post Telephone
AIIMS (D. Colony) 26588840, 26864851/3345
Amar Colony (L. P. Ngr.) 26412194
Ahata Kidara (S. Bazar) 23521876
Anand Vihar (ISBT) 22157909, 22450100/6709
Andha Mugal (S. Mandi) 23691010
Balli Maran (H.Qazi) 23919333
Bhati Mines (Mehrauli) 26654235
Budh Vihar (S. Puri) 27535065
Ballim Aran (C. Chowk) 23951486, 23962201/6468
Boat Club (Pt. Street) 23385022, 23386354
Booth Shai Ganj (K. Mkt.) 23962201/6493
Burari (Timar Pur) 27616844
Church Mission (L.Gate) 23914802, 23962201/6469
Dhaula Kuan (D. Cantt.) 25692450
Dost (Puspanjali) (M. Puri) 27012882
Dev Nagar (D.B.G Road) 28716599, 25765599, 25737951/7469
Fountain (Kotwali) 23860445, 23962201/6467


New Delhi Range 22417747

(Laxmi Nagar Fire Station)

Northern Range 27261777

(Rohini Fire Station)

Southern Range 26445230

(Nehru Place Fire Station)



Delhi Legal Services Authority,

Room No.-1, Patiala House,

New Delhi – 110001.

Tel. No. 23383014 


Delhi High Court Services Committee,

Room No.-35-36, Lawyers Chambers,

New Delhi – 110001.

Tel. No. 23383418 


District Legal Services Authority,

Room No.-287, Tis Hazari Courts,

New Delhi – 110054.

Tel. No. 23911544, 23911611



District Legal Services Authority,

Room No.-311, Karkardoma Courts,

New Delhi.

Tel. No. 22301945, 22301946




TEL No.- 2373132, 23070345

From 10 AM to 5 PM

On all working days. 

Police Control Room 100
Traffic Help Line 23010101
Help Line for Women in Distress 1091 , 24121234
Student / Senior Citizen Help Line 1291

The services provided by legal aid services are as under:- 

A)    Payment of court fee, process fee and other charges payable or incurred in connection with any legal proceedings.

B)     Representations by a legal practitioner in legal proceedings.

C)    Obtaining and supply of certified copies of order and other documents in legal proceedings.

D)    Preparation of appeal, paper books including printing and translation of documents in legal proceedings.

E)     Conducting legal literacy camps / legal aids clinics for spreading legal awareness. 


Following free family consultancy and Legal Aid services centers are being organized by Delhi Legal Services Authority 

1.                  Community Centre, K-Block, Mangolpuri, Delhi.

2.                  Community Centre, Gokul Puri, Delhi.

3.                  Community Centre, K-Block, Dakshin Puri, New Delhi

4.                  Community Centre, Milap Nagar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

5.                  A-10009, Jhangir Puri, Delhi

6.                  Basti Vikas Kendra,D-I, Nand Nagri, Delhi

7.                  Basti Vikas Kendra, Sunlight Colony, Seema Puri, Delhi

8.                  Labour Welfare Centre, Neemri Colony, Ashok Vihar, Delhi

9.                  U-88, Vijay Nagar, Narela, Delhi

10.              C-1/77, Madhu Vihar, Dwarka, New Delhi

11.              Child Welfare and Legal Aid Centre, Mount Fort School, Ashok Vihar, Delhi

12.              1, Transit Camp, Raghubir Nagar, New Delhi

13.              Basti Vikas Dendra, B-1, Block, Sultan Puri, Delhi

14.              Jatav Bhawan, 741/7, Govind Puri, Kalkaji, New Delhi

15.              C-196/2, FF, Maya Puri Industrial Area, New Delhi

16.              St.Lawrence School, Geeta Colony, Delhi

17.              1/24, Lalita Park Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

18.              A-16, Abdul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi

19.              B-24, Kanti Nagar Shahdara, Delhi

20.              Basti Vikas Kendra, Block –18, Indira Camp, Kalyan Puri, Delhi


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