• ARMS


Q 1:- How to apply for Fresh Arms License?
Ans:- The applications for the grant of Arm Licenses are submitted in the office of DCP/Licensing, at 1st Floor, Police Station Defence Colony New Delhi (near Mool Chand Flyover) by the applicant or through his representative along with the following documents:-
a) Application on the prescribed Performa “A” (available at Reception in DCP Licensing office)

b) Four passport size photographs one  attached on the form, the other three duly attested, on the reverse by a Gazetted Officer to be submitted along with the form. 

c) Attested copy of the proof of residence i.e. Ration Card, Voter Identity Card, Passport, Electricity Bill (current) etc. 

d)  Posting certificate /recommendation from the Commanding Officer (in case of  Armed Force personnel).

Q 2:-    How to purchase the weapon after issue of Arm License?

After issue of license the weapon prescribed in Col. 5 can be purchased from any authorized dealer/authorized licensee in Delhi if the       licensee wishes to purchase the weapon from outside Delhi he/she has to obtain NOC from Counter No.5 of the office and Travel License  from the concerned D.M. After purchase of weapon it has to be produced for inspection for getting the entry made in the license booklet.   

Q 3:-

How to renew the Arm License?

Ans:-  The license is renewed for a period of three years and the following documents are required at the time of renewal:-

A) Application on prescribed Performa (available at Reception  and also on the Website of Delhi Police)

B) Original Arm License of the licensee

C) Proof of residence i.e. electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, driving license, passport, election voter id-card, ration card, property/house tax, tax return, etc. (self attested photocopies of at least any two documents)

D) Weapon to be produced for inspection.


Five Steps for Renewal 

Step 1: - Documents Verification at Counter No. 1

Present your arms renewal form duly filled along with required documents of proof of residence.

Step 2: - Weapon Inspection at Counter No. 2

Get your weapon inspected i.e. type of arm, its bore, Weapon No. Etc.  

Step 3: - Criminal Antecedent’s Check at Counter No.3

The Counter for Criminal Antecedents Check will match the particulars of the licensee with the database of Crime Record Office to ascertain the involvement of the licensee if any, in a criminal offence.  If you have been involved in any criminal offence the same should be mentioned at Column No. 14 of the Renewal Form.  Failure to do so would entail cancellation of the arms license.  

Step 4: - Fee Deposit Counter at No. 4 

At this counter fee would be deposited. Regarding the amount of fees to be paid kindly refer to Q. No. 4. 

**Renewal of License in the Computer record and its endorsement in the copy of the license would be automatically done if the applicant has cleared the first four steps.

Step 5 :- Collection of arms license from the Reception. 

Thereafter license can be collected from the Reception Counter after having it duly renewed. 

Note: - The licensee can apply for renewal of his /her license from one month in advance to one month later from the date of expiry of license. This period will be treated, as valid period for renewal and within this period only the due fees will be charged but afterwards late fees will be charged.


Q 4:-     How much fee is required to be paid for fresh issue of license and renewal?




(3 Years)


(3 Years)

Late Fees

(Per Year)


(Per Year)

Revolver/Pistol/Repeating Rifle.30  










Gun/.22 Rifle/Air Rifle  





M.L. Gun, Sword, Bayonet, Dagger and Spear  





Duplicate   Rs.50/-  
Note :- Rs.50/- booklet charge in Fresh/Duplicate Cases  
Q 5:-  What is the procedure for issuing of Duplicate Arm License Book?
Ans:-  The Duplicate Arm License Books are being issued in the following cases: - 
A)  In case of missing /lost of Arm License book:- The licensee has to apply on plain paper along with a copy of NCR/FIR  registered with police station and two photographs of applicant attested on the reverse by a Gazetted officer alongwith an Affidavit on Rs.10/- Stamp paper duly attested by Notary mentioning the details duly of Arm license and that he /she has lost. 

B)  In case,  old license book is completed / damaged: - The licensee has to apply on plain paper along with original Arm License and two photographs duly attested on reverse side by a G.O.

Q 6:- What procedure has to be adopted in case of change of address?
Ans:-  If the licensee has shifted within the jurisdiction of Delhi, he has to produce the proof of residence of the present address along with application and original arm license. If he/she has shifted out of Delhi, he/she will apply for registration to the D.M. concerned and           genuineness letter will be issued on the demand of such D.M., but before that one has to take the transport license to carry the weapon  to his new place of residence in case his area validity for the license is U.T. of Delhi only.  
Q 7:-      What needs to be done in case the licensee expires?
Ans:-   First the legal heirs of the licensee will deposit the weapon which belongs to the deceased after obtaining weapon deposit permission from this office for which they will apply on plain paper along with copy of death certificate and original Arm license.
Q 8:-  How the weapons which belongs to the deceased licensee to be disposed-off?
Ans:- The first legal heir of the deceased licensee will apply to this office along with the following documents:-  
a)   Indemnity bond on Rs.100/- stamp paper duly attested by SDM/Notary  

b)   NOCs from all legal heirs on Rs.10/- stamp paper duly attested (each)  

c)   Weapon Deposit Slip

d)   Death Certificate  

e)   Photocopy of the license of the purchaser, if weapon being sold to any Individual  

f)   Original license of the deceased licensee (if already not deposited).  

Q 9:- How to sell the weapons) which exists on an Arm License?
Ans:-  If the licensee wishes to sell the weapon(s), which exists on his license he/she will apply on prescribed Performa along with Original Arm License and photocopy of Arm License of purchaser. Also he/she can sell the weapon to authorized arms dealer after obtaining permission from this office, the weapon can be transferred on the license of the purchaser only after 45 days. After 45 days he/she will inform this office about the sale of the weapon and the same will be deleted from their license.
Q 10:- What is the procedure for registration of Arm License issued from outside Delhi?
Ans:- As per Section 62(3) of Arms Rules which states “if a person who holds a license in Form-11, changes his place of residence, permanently or temporarily for more then thirty consecutive days, and carries with him the weapon concerned by the license, to a place other than indicated in column 2 of the license, he shall (within thirty days of such change), send intimation about such change to the licensing authority of the place or his new residence as well as to the authority which granted the license or last renewed it, as the case may be and shall on demand  forthwith produce the license and the weapon to the first mentioned authority for making necessary entry in the license to indicate these in the particulars of the new residence of the licensee. 
So if the Licensee shifts to Delhi from outside Delhi will apply for registration of his license in Delhi along with the following documents:-  

A) Application on prescribed Performa.  

B) Three passport size photographs duly attested by a GO on reverse side  

C) Proof of residence in Delhi  

D) Original Arm License.  

E) He/she will also bring the Weapon(s) which exists on his /her license for  inspection 

F) Transportation License from DM concerned if the area Validity of Arm License is  only for a particular state

Q 11:-  How to apply for grant of prohibited Bore Arm License? 
Ans:- The licenses for Prohibited Bore Weapons is granted by Ministry of Home Affairs. The following types of case are being considered for grant of prohibited bore/ semi/--automatic arms licenses:-

1) To Defence personnel who were allocated such weapons prior to june,1982

2) To legal heirs of the deceased license holders who would like to keep such weapons on family heirlooms basis.                                  

Under 2) Category, There are following two types of cases where the grant of license for possession of a PB Arm is allowed:-

A) Where the license holder has expired without having the PB weapon transferred in the name of any of his legal heir 

B) Where the license holder intends to transfer the PB weapon during his lifetime. 

There are two categories where a license holder of PB weapon can transfer his  weapon:-

i) When the license holder has attained the age of 70 years. or 

ii) When the license holder has held the weapon for more than 25 years.

To apply for such a license the following documents are to be submitted with DCP/Licensing, Delhi who after scrutinizing the case the will forward same to the authority concerned:-  

1) Application on Form “A”   

2) Three passport size photographs duly attested by a GO on reverse side.   

3) Age certificate of the applicant.   

4) Challan for Rs. 300/-towards license fee   

5) Death Certificate of the licensee (in case of death of licensee” Category “A” above)   

6) Affidavit from the licensee to the effect that he/she has no objection for the transfer of the arm in the name of the applicant and no other person will apply for any license in future if the weapon is transferred (in case Category B above)   

7) Original license renewed up to the current period (in case of above B category)   

8) No objection from the other legal heirs in the prescribed affidavit (Category “A” above)   

9) If the application is made after the lapse of a considerable time after the death of the licence holder, the status of the possession of the weapons.   

10) Classification certificate of weapon from authorized agency.        


Q 1:-   What are the conditions of Arms & Ammunition Dealership license?  
Ans:- Ø The license is granted subject to all the provisions of the Arms Act, 1959 and of the Arms   Rules, 1962.
Ø The license entitles the licensee to fabricate components and parts of fire-arms and ammunition for the purpose of repair of fire-arms or conversion or repair of ammunition of the categories shown in col. 4 but does not entitle him to manufacture such components or parts for the purpose of or utilized for assembling into complete arms or ammunition.  
Ø The license does not entitle the Dealer to take Arms or Ammunition for testing to a testing range or other place without permit for the purpose, or to prove any firearms.    
Ø The license is valid only so long as he carries on the trade or business; in the premises shown in Col. 3 thereof, and will ipso facto lapse if the business is discontinued for a continuous period exceeding six months.
Ø The licensee shall maintain a register of all firearms and ammunition in stock and of all sales, showing the particulars in such forms as may be prescribed by the Central Government for the purpose.
Ø He shall make available for inspection his stock and his registers on the demand of any Magistrate or any police officer of a rank not below that of inspector or if the Central Government so directs of Sub-Inspector.
Ø He shall affix on a conspicuous part of his place of business, factory or shop a signboard on which it shall be painted in large letters in English/Hindi and in the language of the district his name and the arms and ammunition licensed to convert/repair /test/(other than proof-test) /sell/transfer. 
Ø He shall affix in his place of business, factory or shop a copy of Sec.36 of the Arms Act, 1959 either in English/Hindi or in the language of the district.
Ø Where a license is granted for conversion of ammunition, it shall not entitle the licensee to convert blank cartridges or any ammunition, having no projectile into single/multiple ammunition or to load or re-load any ammunition.
Ø He shall not sell the arms or ammunition covered by the license, elsewhere than at the place of business, factory or shop specified in column No.3
Ø He shall not keep Government arms or ammunition unless he is specially authorized in this behalf by the Central Government
Ø He shall, at the time of sale or transfer of any arms or ammunition to a person holding a license in Form III from IV, Form V, form VII or Form VIII, endorse on the license;

A) the name, description and residence of the person who takes delivery of the articles sold or transferred;  

B)  the nature and quantity of the articles sold or transferred; and  

C)  the date of sale or transfer.  

Ø  He shall at the time of sale or transfer of a weapon, enter in his register the number and other Identification marks, if any, stamped on the weapon at the time of manufacture or otherwise.
Ø  He shall give information of all sales or transfers of arms and ammunition, to such person and in such manner as the Central Government may direct.
Ø  He shall not sell or transfer ammunition to any person licensed to possess or carry arms, without his first obtaining a written certificate from such person to the effect that , with the quantity of ammunition proposed to be acquired by him, the total quantity of ammunition in his possession shall not exceed the maximum quantity which he is entitled to possess at any one time or his total allowance for the year;  Provided that he shall not in any case sell or transfer to any person any quantity or ammunition in excess of the maximum which may be fixed by the Central Government for such person or which is endorsed on such person’s license.
Ø  He shall not sell arms & ammunitions to an officer, not commissioned officer or soldier of the Armed forces of the Union, unless such person produces the written pass or permit signed by his Commanding Officer and then only to the extent and on the condition specified in such pass or permit.
Ø  He shall not sell arms & ammunitions to an officer, not commissioned officer or soldier of the Armed forces of the Union, unless such person produces the written pass or permit signed by his Commanding Officer and then only to the extent and on the condition specified in such pass or permit.
Ø  The licensee shall forthwith give information at the nearest police station of the lost or theft of any arms or ammunition covered by the license.
Ø  Subject to the other conditions contained herein no licensee shall without reasonable cause refuse to sell arms or ammunition to any person who is entitled to purchase or acquire such arms or ammunition under the provision of the Arms Act-1959 or the Arms Rules-1962.
Q 2:-   what are the other general points to be followed by the A & A dealers?  
Ans:- Ø Trade is not carried outside the licensed premises.  

Ø Repair is done only in the prescribed place.    

Ø Adequate safety measures are taken to prevent loss/theft of arms & ammunition.    

Ø Entries in various registers are continuous and no over writing/insertion or wilting is made.    

Ø The trade is being carried out against a valid dealer’s license and all conditions of the license are being fulfilled.    

Ø  As a test case particulars of the licensee to whom weapon etc. have been sold/purchased may be got verified from issuing authority. Similarly the genuineness of NOC/TI may also be verified.   

Ø Stock position is displayed at a prominent place.  

Q 3:- What is the procedure to issue Transport License?
Ans:- The transport licenses on various forms prescribed in the Arms Act/Rules,  are issued to the licensee and also to the Arms & Ammunition dealers to carry the arms & ammunition to another place against a NOC given by the DM concerned.
Q 4:- Why the NOC is required?
Ans:- If a licensee having area validity of Delhi intends to purchase weapons from the Indian Ordinance Factories or even from the dealers of the other States/Union Territories, a NOC is issued to the licensee under the provisions of Rules 50(i) of the Arms Rules, 1962 by this office.  The Licensees of other states are following the same procedure unless the issuing authority has issued a NOC and this office to take out the weapon from Delhi issues TL.
Q 5:- What is special permit?
Ans:-   The shooters of various categories are issued Special Permit to procure ammunition for target practice.  The quantity of ammunition is dependent upon the performance of the shooter in different shooting events.  These permits are issued for one year and renewed further on the basis of the performance of the shooter keeping in view the ammunition utilized by him during the year.
Q 6:-  what is carry permit?
Ans:-  These permits are issued to the shooters to carry the weapon and ammunition to the destination where the Shooting Championship Compositions are being held, In case the validity of Arms license is not extended for the particular state(s) 
Q 7:- what is the requirement for issuance of Form XV to A & A dealers?  

a) A valid Import License issued under Foreign Trade Regulation.  

b) Performa Invoice of that firm from which the Arms & Ammunition are to be imported.  

c) Stock position like Quantity in Stock as well as Allowed by the Licensing authority.  

d) A photo state copy of dealership license showing authorization of arms & ammunition.  

e) Prescribed fee.  

Q 8:- What is the requirement for issuance of Form XVII to A & A dealers?  
Ans:- 1. A Classification certificate regarding the weapon to be exported is not of current & popular bore for which ammunition is available in the country, is also not in use in the armed forces of India & is of non service pattern or neither automatic or semiautomatic, (According to rule 33 of the Arms Rules, 1962) this certificate is to be issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Defence, Department of DGQA, New Delhi.

2. A Certificate issued by the Government of India, Archaeological Survey of India, regarding non- antiquity of the weapon which is to be exported (According to rule 33 of the Arms Rules,1962)  

3. A Copy of written request of the borrower/purchaser regarding the said weapon, which is to be exported that it is for personal use not for sale.

4. A request of the sender/dealer for form XVII  

5. Prescribed fee.  

Q 9:- What are the requirements for a fireworks license?
Ans:- Ø Whether the floor area of the shop/premises is minimum9Sq. mtrs & maximum 16 sq. mtrs.  

Ø Whether the entrance door/exit is provided with doors opening outside or otherwise.  

Ø Whether there is any shop having fireworks or any other similar hazardous material within 15 meters from the proposed premises

Ø The premises shall be situated on the ground floor of the building only.

Ø Any proposal for basement or on upper floor of a multi-storied building should be rejected.

Ø The fireworks shops should be on the ground floor facing road and no portion of shop in any multi storied building /complex should have any opening to rest of the building or its passage/stair case/lifts etc.   

Ø Electricity wiring should be through conduit pipes  

Ø Fire safety instruments should be in working conditions.  

Q 10:-  What is the criteria/instructions for extensions of Area Validity of the Non Prohibited Bore Arms Licenses?  
Ans:- Ø All India extension may be granted only to the Group “A” Officers and Commissioned Officers of the Armed Forces.   

Ø In the case of Group “B” Officers, the area validity should be specific in relation to a Particular State (S) or Territories only. This will also apply to the cases of J.C. O. s of the Armed forces.  

Ø In other cases, the area extension permission may be given only in respect of the native state or States or territories that would be adjoining or otherwise for a very limited number of States/territories say 1-3 States. 

Ø In the case of businessman, the standing, the nature of business and the area of operation should be the guiding factor. Normally, the area validity should be extended to specified States only but in case the business is spread over to several States or the applicant has to transit through several States then ALL India extension may be considered.

Q 11:- What type of documentary proofs are required?


A. Attested copy of Land Revenue record/registry  

B. Attested copy of khationi/khasra    


1.  Area of operational of the business. He has to give details of the branches and their addresses.  

2.  Attested photocopy of proof of financial transaction in the form of Bank Draft of cheque/receipt I.T. & S.T. Return etc.


1.  The Address of the branches with documentary proof.  

2.  A certificate of the M.D./Owner/ G.M. of the company certifying the above information given at column No. 11 of the prescribed proforma.


1. Nature of the Service i.e. whether all India etc.  

2. Photo Copy of the identity Copy of the certificate from employer  

3. Certificate of the Head of Office/C.O. (in case of the Armed Forces)  

(Besides, a photocopy of valid Arms Licence is also required.)


1. FRESH: -                

1. Application is received

2. Application is dispatched to Distt. Police 

3.Recommendation of Distt /Decision 

i) Sanctioned for Gun/Rifle cases:- License is issued 

ii) Non recommendation:  - Rejection Letter is issued 

iii) Recommendation for Rev./Pistol Cases: -  

(a) Interview Letter  

(b) Interview by DCP/Lic.  

- If approved, License is issued 

- Rejection: accordingly intimated

2. Renewal of License:- 

1. Document Verification  

2. Weapon Inspection  

3. Criminal Antecedent Check from local police feed back and S.C.N. check.  

4. Fee Deposit  

5. Renewal in Computer  

6. Endorsement on license  

7. Handover the License  


Q 1:- How to apply for the grant of license for public amusement activities?
Ans:-  Initially as per Chapter-II of the Regulations, the applicant will have to apply for the grant of NOC to the location of the premises at the site, along with the site plan. Further a board (120 X 90 cms.) with notice at form ‘A’ shall be exhibited on the site and the same will be maintained until the matter is decided by the licensing Authority. After receiving the NOC from licensing Authority, the applicant has to apply within a period of two years for the permission of building. The application shall be accompanied by a true copy of NOC in respect of the site, complete plans. On receipt of the application for building permission the Licensing Authority shall forward the same to the Exe. Engg. Concerned for approval. On receiving the approval from the Exe Engg. The Licensing Authority may grant permission in writing, which will be Valid for two Years. The applicant shall complete the construction of the premises within the stipulated period and apply for premises license along with the other requirement as mentioned in Regulation No. 108, Chapter-VIII of the Regulations for Licensing & Controlling Places of Public Amusement (other than cinemas) and performance for Public Amusement, 1980.
Q 2:-   How to renew the premises license?
Ans:- The licensing Authority may on application being made to within one Year from the date of expiry of the license, renew the Premises License for the requisite period subject to Regulation 108, the applicant proves to the satisfaction of the licensing Authority that  the premises in question had not been kept open for any performances after  the expiry of the period of the license.  An application for the renewal of a premises license shall be made in the manner laid down in Regulation No.108 but it shall not be necessary to attach true copy of the Building Permission unless specially required by the Licensing Authority.
Q 3:- What is the procedure for the change of owner ship of the license?
Ans:- On receiving the request for the change of ownership of the license, the Licensing Authority calls reports from the local police about the character and antecedents of the changed owner. 


Q 1:- What is the definition of Public amusement Performance?
Ans:-   ‘Public Amusement Performance’ means a performance of dramas, songs, dances, mimetic and similar other performances given in a place of public amusement or in any other place, whether or without admission fee, and to which admission is not restricted, exclusively to the members of any particular institution.                  
Q 2:-  What  is the procedure for grant of a performance license?
Ans:-  The licensing authority on being satisfied that all necessary regulation has been complied on such terms and conditions and subject to such restrictions as the licensing authority may determine.
Q 3:- How much duration of a performance license can be ?
Ans:-  A performance license may be granted for any period not extending beyond the 31st day of December in the year for which it is issued.
Q 4:-   What are the requirements for the grant of a casual performance license ?  
Ans:-  The following NOCs/ documents are required for the grant of a casual performance license:-
In case of licensed premises  In case of un-licensed premises
I       NOC from concerned distt.  

II      NOC from DCP/Traffic. 

III     NOC from E.T.O.                                            

IV   Booking Slip of Auditorium/Premises.                          

I to IV  Same

V.        NOC from Fire Deptt 

VI.       NOC from Electrical Inspr. (For covered Premises only.) 

VII.       NOC from Exe.Engg. (Auto MCD in case of Jhullas and Rides.

Q 5:-  How much fee is required to be paid for casual performance license?
Ans:- Rupees 15/- per show in case of un-ticketed programme & rupees 20/- per show in case of ticketed programme.


Q 1:-  How to apply for fresh Video Games Parlour’s license?
Ans:-   a) Every person applying for the grant of the premises license to run Video Games Parlour shall submit an application in writing in the prescribed Performa appended to these regulations, accompanied by a site plan of the proposed premises, showing the size and location of the premises as well as of the Video Games machines and other required documents as specified in the application form.  

b) The Licensing Authority may, after consulting the local police, Electrical Inspector and the Chief Fire Officer and after making such enquiries, as it deems fit, issue a Premises License to run a Video Games Parlour subject to such conditions/restrictions as it may consider necessary.  

c) The premises license to run a Video Games Parlour may be granted or renewal for any period not exceeding beyond 31st day of December of each year for which it is issued.    

Q 2:- How to renew the Video Games Parlour license?
Ans:-   Video games Parlour’s license shall be renewed annually. An application for such renewal accompanied by the renewal fee 65/- shall be made to the Licensing Authority before 30 days from the date of expiry.
Q 3:- What is the procedure for issuing duplicate copy of Video Games Parlour’s license?
Ans:- If a license for Video Games Parlour is defaced, lost or destroyed, the licensing authority may issue a duplicate copy on the payment of  a fee of Rs. 5/- and after such enquiry as he may think fit.
Q 1:- How to apply for a fresh Eating House Registration Certificate?
Ans:-  The application for the grant of eating house Registration Certificates are being submitted to Counter No. 7 of the office of DCP/Licensing, I Floor, Police Station Defence colony, New Delhi near Mool Chand Flyover by the applicants or through their representatives along with the following documents: -
a) Details of the size of the Eating House.  

b) Proof of ownership/tenancy of place of Eating House/ NOC from landlord in the form of an affidavit of Rs. 10/-duly attested.

c) Two photographs of the space showing its use as an eating house.  

d) Photocopy of MCD/NDMC/DCB current trade license.  

e) Photocopy of fee receipt of MCD/NDMC/DCB.  

f) Proof of residence of the applicant i.e. Ration Card/ Electoral Card etc.  

Q 2:- How to renew the Eating House R.C.?
Ans:-  A certificate of registration shall be renewed annually an application for such renewal accompanied by the Registration fee for renewal Rs. 20/-, photo copy of MCD/NDMC/DCB current trade license   shall be made to the Registering Authority within 15 days before the date of expiry of the period of validity of the same and the certificate shall be renewed by such authority within 15 days from the date of receipt of the application unless it is refused.
Q 3:-  What is the procedure for issuing duplicate Eating House Registration certificate?
Ans:-   If a certificate of Registration is defaced, lost or destroyed, the Registering Authority may on an application made to him and on payment of a fee of Rs.2/- and after such enquiry as he may think fit issue a duplicate copy of the certificate.
Q 1:-  How to apply for a fresh license of guest house for lodging purpose?
Ans:- A) The application forms for the grant of license of guest house (Lodging) are available at the Reception  in the  office of the Dy. Commissioner of Police,  Licensing, Ist Floor,  P.S. Defence Colony, New Delhi.

B) The filled in application forms duly signed by the applicant alongwith the required documents will be deposited at the Reception either by the applicant or through his representative.  

Q 2:-  What are the required documents which are to be enclosed with the application form?

a) Property papers (Copy of sale deed, agreement of rent etc) in favour of the applicant.  

b) Approved site plan from Regd. Architect of the proposed building showing location of different floors.

1.     NOC from the owner of the property in case of rented plot/building.  

2.     An affidavit of Height from the Regd. Architect.  

3.     Structural Stability Certificate from Regd. Architect.  

4.     Affidavit regarding No Eating House in the premises.  

5.     Affidavit regarding use of basement as per provisions of Building Bye Laws-1983.  

6.     NOC from land owning agency regarding regularization/approval/sanction of building in case of guest houses situated out side       Special Area.  

7.     Proof regarding existence of the guest house.  

Q 3:- What are the other major requirements?
Ans:-   a) The minimum plot size should be 209 Sq. Mtr.(i.e. 250 Sq. yard )  with the front road width of 18Mtr in General Area. 13.5 Mtrs in rehabilitation colonies  and 9 Mtr. in special area. The requirement of road width will be relaxed in case of existing guest houses which came into existence before the implementation of policy notified on 20.11.2000 provided there is a clearance by the Fire Department.  The minimum plot size in rehabilitation colony will be 167 Sq. mtrs. 

b) The maximum plot size will be 1000 Sq.Mtrs. However, the guest houses in Special Area have been exempted from the above conditions of plot size & road width in case they were existing before  20 November, 2000 i.e. formulation of guest house policy.  

c) In a plot size above 250 Sq. Mtrs, parking facility inside the plot will be provided by the owner.  

d) No commercial activity in the form of canteen or restaurant will be permitted. Catering will be allowed only for the residents of the guest house. 

Q 4:-  What is the procedure for grant of license?
Ans:- a)  On receipt of  the application, the papers will be scrutinized by the staff of Hotel Section and if any document/documents are  lacking , the applicant will be asked in writing to submit the same expeditiously. He will be asked to install all the required fire fighting equipment, if not already installed, and to inform us as soon as these are completed. 

b)  On receipt of completion report of fire fighting arrangements, Fire Deptt.will be asked in writing to inspect the building of the guest house to point out shortcomings, if any, with necessary directions to the owner fixing a time limit for the completion or issue a No Objection Certificate, if everything is found in order.  

c)  In case of shortcomings being pointd out by the Fire Deptt, the owner will be issued a Show Cause Notice for the rejection of his application, in case  the shortcomings are not removed  within the stipulated period. After receipt of compliance report about the shortcomings, the Fire Department will once again be requested in writing to re-inspect the building and to issue an NOC in case the same is found complete.  

d)  On receipt of NOC from Fire Department, the case will be forwarded to MCD for issuing the Trade License to the owner and he will be  asked to pursue the same with MCD authorities.  

e)  On the production of Trade license by the owner, the entire  case is processed again and if everything is found in order, the license is issued by DCP/Licensing for a period of one year with direction to get it renewed in time.

Q 5:-  What other reports/NOCs are called and from which other agencies?

a)   An NOC from traffic police from traffic point of view  

b)   Suitability report from District Police about the applicant and the place where the guesthouse is located. They will supply a character verification report in respect of the applicant.  

c)   From MCD/NDMC a Trade License from Health point of view and also a regularization/permission/approval/sanction certificate.

Q 6:-   What is the fee for grant of license?

Rs. 60/- for grant /renewal of license  

Rs.10/- for addition of name/room etc, in the existing license  

Rs.3/- for duplicate license.  

Q 7:-   What is the policy of M.O.U.D. for grant of license in residential area?
Ans:-  The Ministry of Urban Development has notified the policy allowing the guest houses in the residential area having minimum plot size 209 Sqr Meters and not more than 1000 Sqr Meters, Road Frontage-18 Meters for General Area, 13.5 Meters for Rehabilitation Colonies and 9 Meters in Special Area. No commercial activity in the form of canteen/restaurant is permitted. Catering will be allowed only for the residents of the guest house.
Q 8:-  What  are D.D.A’s Regulations-2003?
Ans:-   The D.D.A. has notified that:-
i) The minimum size of the residential plot shall be 209 Sq. Mtrs with facing minimum road width of 18 mtrs. in General Area, 9 mtrs. in Special Area and 13.5 mtrs. in Rehabilitation Colonies.    

ii) A minimum of ¾th of the floor area shall be allowed for permission   regardless of the size of the plot.  

iii) The maximum Size of the plot will be 1000 sq. meters.  

iv) A maximum of 15 guest rooms will be permitted  

v) Such permission shall be allowed only in the building which stands regularized /approved/sanctioned by the D.D.A./Local body as per Building Bye Laws for the time in force.  

vi) All parking requirement of plot size will meet equivalent Car space prescribed for this purpose.  

vii) It will be ensured that no nuisance or hardship is created for local residents  

viii) The applicant has to provide particular space inside the promise in case the plot area is more then 300 sq. mtrs  

ix) No commercial activity in the form of Canteen or Restaurant will be permitted however; catering will be allowed only for the residents of Guest House.  

x) The applicant has to provide parking space inside the premises in case the plot area is more than 300 Sq. Yards.  

Q 9:-     What are the regulations for keeping places of public entertainment in the U.T. of Delhi?
Ans:- The license to run guesthouse /hotel is granted under regulations-6 for keeping places of public entertainment in the U.T. of Delhi -1980. The other important points of the regulations are as under:- 
1) “Suitable person”: The character and antecedents of the person applying for the license should be certified by the concerned District D.C.P.  

2) “Fit locality”: The place where the performance or public entertainment shall be arranged without ausing any disturbance or threat to peace and tranquility of the area around it. 

Q 10:-  For how much period the license is granted?  
Ans:-   The guest house license is granted for a period of one year i.e.  from 1st of April to 31st of March.
Q 11:-     When the licensee can make application for renewal of license?
Ans:-    The licensee must apply for renewal of license before 30 days of the expiry of license.
Q 12:-   Is the license granted under regulations transferable?
Ans:-   No, the license granted under the Regulations for keeping places of public Entertainment in the Union Territory of Delhi-1980 is not transferable. It is personal for whom it is granted.
Q 13:-   How much time is taken in issuing the license?
Ans:-  The license is issued to the applicant on receipt of required reports/NOCs from the civic/technical bodies.


Q 1:- How to apply for a fresh Swimming Pool license?

a) any person desiring to maintain a swimming pool may apply to the Licensing Authority for a license in that behalf. The application shall be accompanied by a plan of the swimming pool and the applicant shall furnish such information as may be required about the applicant’s interest in the swimming pool and other matters relevant to the keeping and conduct of the swimming pool.  

b) On receipt of application NOCs/ recommendations of the district DCP, DCP/Traffic and Medical Officer of Health department, SAI Coach, Water test report is called. On receipt of positive reports/recommendation, a swimming pool license is issued to the applicant on the payment of Rs.30/-

Q 2:-   How to renew the Swimming pool license?
Ans:- a) Every person desiring to renew his license shall make an application in that behalf, at least thirty days before the day on which such license is to expire. The application shall be accompanied by the license to be renewed and with an amount of Rs. 30/-

b) The licensing authority, if is satisfied after such enquiry as he thinks fit, that the licensee is not a suitable person for continuing to hold the license, or if the swimming pool is not in a suitable condition, after giving the licensee an opportunity to render an explanation and after recording his reasons, refuse is renew the license

Q 3:-   What is the procedure for issuing duplicate license for a Swimming Pool?
Ans:-  If at any time a license is lost by the licensee or destroyed, the licensee shall apply to the licensing authority for grant of a duplicate thereof; and the licensing authority shall after making such enquires as he thinks fit, grant a duplicate license on payment of a fee of five rupees.